hylink wall mural design


The bare white walls of our office were beginning to feel oppressive, and certainly not inspirational or interesting. I was asked to create a series of murals that would liven up the workspace, and the imagery was up to me. I began to explore the idea of bringing in a natural motif for the first piece and it evolved from there. I created representational patterns for the variety of plants and environments, then added wildlife to bring more visual interest and break up the busy patterns.

Wall Mural 1 of 3. Created for Hylink Digital Solutions' international offices in Santa Monica, CA

For the second mural I wanted to do the opposite of the first. It's all about man-made environments and incorporating the company's Chinese name. I created a cityscape that has Los Angeles and NYC mixed together, a symbol of our two U.S. offices.

Mural 2

"The Bear & The Bull"   /  Wall mural 2 of 3 for Hylink Digital Solutions

"The Bear & The Bull"  /  Wall mural 2 of 3 for Hylink Digital Solutions

The final piece is a continuation of the previous one, but it brings together the natural world of the first mural and the man-made world of the second. NYC is a good subject for this thanks to Central Park and the Highline, so I brought them together and pushed my patterning and textures even further.

mural 3

"Central Highline"   /  Mural 3 of 3 for Hylink Digital Solutions

"Central Highline"  /  Mural 3 of 3 for Hylink Digital Solutions